Cant join my friend and he cannot join me (only b3)

Like in topics name, we cannot join party in borderlands3, my nat is strict but hes open so we should be able to play together, yes? Also we tried to play other games, even borderlands 2 and it worked just fine, why cant we join in borderlands 3? Any suggestions?

I had this problem at first. Both of you should quit the application and restart it. That worked for me. I think it has to do with coming back to the game when you have quick startup on.

I am PS4 so hopefully it is similar enough. Host a game and include “friends only”. Whoever is hosting needs to pause their game and in the pause menu select invite a friend. Sorry if I am wrong , but saw no one has responded so hope this helps or guides you a way to figure it out!

Edit: gatorelk just posted so he probably has a better solution. Just trying to help where I can. Launch has been a tad frustrating for all systems.

we did restart the game many times, we dont have quick start up on, we are both on “energy save mode” :<

Me and some friends are having this issue as well. NAT is open and we’ve tried rebooting everything and what not.

My game is doing the exact same thing and every other game we play still works with the strict nat I mean it is not perfect but it is still enjoyable this is crazy for borderlands 3 not to work with a strict nat when even borderlands 2 and the hansom jack games work fine

i have had the problem where when joining a friend it just shuts my xbox one x right off as if i were to do a hard shutdown anyone else having that prob?

Also have this problem. Was playing with my friend all day yesterday then today try to join and causes my Xbox to hard crash. Unable to join him or he me. Both tried restarting our Xboxes, changing matchmaking regions, restarting game clients, deleting local save data. Nothing seemed to work.

found the solution, u guys have to open ports for borderlands 3 in your routers.

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You must make your network open to public. Because there is no friends only option.

I am having this same issue.