Can't Launch Game [PC]

For me it’s PC. I couldn’t find a forum for it.

My game opens for a few seconds but doesn’t play the 2K Logo or Gearbox, then cuts out to this window.

What is going on? I have looked online with no success.

Got you moved to the right section, and that error log looks very familiar.

It looks from your log that you are missing a file (or the download of it was incomplete).

Make sure that any antivirus program isn’t blocking downloads to your Games & Apps folder hierarchy, and do a “Verify files” for the title in Steam. Also make sure you have the drivers required for the game and that they are up to date. Not sure what OS version you are running, but there’s a description of how to do this in Windows 8 here:

I don’t use antivirus.

Are you using a 3rd-party video capture or chat application? If so, try launching the game without any extras at all. If that works, then add whatever you’ve been using back one thing at a time.

I’m also going to assume that you’ve already done the verify files thing in Steam, and that you don’t have missing or incorrect version audio and video drivers - I notice in your screenshot that it’s referencing Direct3D, so an incorrect version of DirectX (or missing libraries) could be a possible cause.

Not sure what happened to the link in my previous post - it was supposed to be instructions on verifying files and drivers. However, if none of the above works, the link that is there will open a ticket with the support folks, who may be able to provide more information.

Sorry about the late reply, but I think I found it. In the DirectX installer, it installs the same files every time I start it. Could be a corrupt DirectX install.


bandicam 2019-04-29 16-50-19-848.avi