Can't launch game

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Whenever I try to select either Borderlands 2 or the pre sequel the game immediately closes, and brings me back the the PS4 home. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the game but I have the same results. I also can’t find any results on google related to this has anyone had the same issue? If so can it be fixed?

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Very odd. PS4 isn’t my strong point, but this sounds like a problem with the game licence. Did you purchase this digitally from the PS store or install from a physical disk? Or is this a copy you have access to through the game share system on PSN?

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I’ve never had this issue myself, I own The Handsome Collection digitally. PS4 version differs from the Xbox version in that you load The Handsome Collection as a game on PS4, whereas on Xbox it is just listed as two separate games you launch separately. Once you load THC, you get a screen where you select the game you want.

As @VaultHunter101 says, it would appear that it is most likely some kind of licensing issue, although my question would be are you getting to the point you select Borderlands 2/Pre Sequel, or is it just doing nothing when you click on The Handsome Collection?


Do you have any error code? You can try to rebuild database via Safe Mode.

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@GrzesPL has a good suggestion about safe mode:

If your game was a digital purchase, you might want to check this article out first though:

(Remainder snipped for brevity)

(That’s pretty similar to the XB1 process, which I know rather too well!)

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:point_up: What Vault Hunter just said.
I do have another question. Did it just happen or was it Monday evening/night?
There was some maintenance going on the PSN and services related to account management were not available. If you hadn’t load the game for some time then the Licences couldn’t be verified.

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It is a digital copy. It lets me get to the point where I can select each game, but once I launch the game I’ve selected the entire app immediately closes with no errors. This happened last Tuesday I was able to boot it up once after a few tries, but the game crashed after a few hours. I will try restoring the license and get back to you guys. Thanks for the help btw!

EDIT: unfortunately restoring the license did not help.

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You can try submitting a support ticket here - don’t forget to mention what you’ve already tried doing:

It’s sounding a lot like either your game database is corrupted and needs rebuilding (see first link suggested above) or the game files are corrupted. When you did the reinstall, did you completely remove the game files from your PS4 first?


Once you try after rebuilding database, you can also try to run the game on different user at the same console.

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Rebuilding the database didn’t work either nor trying it on a different user, and yes the game was completely removed when I reinstalled it. I’ve submitted a support ticket hopefully I’ll find a solution.


Well thats not sounds good. Did you tried to run the game in offline?
You can also try restore your PS4 to default setting

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Yes I tried signing out of PSN and starting the game that didn’t work either. I restored my console to default settings last week and that only deleted all of my progress on every game I have :sleepy: