Can't level past 72 on new DLC

Hello, I updated to 1.06 and downloaded the new DLC. I just met up with Brick and I noticed I wasn’t earning any experience. I am Level 72/OP8. I really can’t find a solution to get this fixed. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

I am on PS4. I’m also on Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.


If you go in to your inventory to the Missions tab, you should be able to see your current points, and how many are required for the next level. Is your current points total as shown there increasing at all?

I’m having the same issue, also tried on PC with the same result. Played for a couple of hours and XP bar has not moved.

Did you ever figure it out I’m having the same problem now

Try travelling to the starting location for “Fight for Sanctuary” if you haven’t done so already - you can FT back out again if you don’t want to do the DLC right now.

Has anyone found a fix to this? I’m on pc right now. Didn’t know about lvl 80 until started playing on switch. So went to old pc characters and I’m getting nothing for xp. I’ve downloaded lilith dlc for $15 (thanks for that) because that’s what forums said was only way to get to 80. Still nothing. No move in my xp bar nothing.

Try turning your OP levels off, and then load into the game, and see if you’re getting xp. This might be caused by you needing to be level 80 in order to unlock OP levels with the Commander Lilith dlc. You shouldn’t need to unlock the first 8 OP levels once you hit level 80 though, just OP 9, and 10.

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