Can't Level Up Past 50 on UVHM

I recently beat True Vault Hunter Mode and unlocked UVHM. I beat a few missions, killed a couple hundred enemies, but my XP won’t go past level 50! I know I’ve gained enough XP to at least show me the XP bar, but nothing. Already beat Flnynt, on my way to Sanctuary. I know the level cap is 72 if you have the DLC, 61 without the DLC. I have purchased no DLC thus far. Help!

Unless you got a GOTY edition with the UVHM expansion packs included, you will need to purchase them as add-ons. You can check either the game’s “Downloadable Content” menu: if you have the needed expansions, they should show up as “Purchased” or “Installed”.

If you haven’t purchased any dlc or add-ons at all, you might want to consider getting the season pass, which will unlock everything except the head-hunter packs (mini single-map DLCs). Alternatively, just see if you can get a GOTY disk at your local used game store.