Can't link steam to shift account

Hello im trying to link my steam account to my shift profile and i keep getting this error

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


I am able to link all the other; xbox,2k,twitch,facebook,twitter etc. Just not steam any ideas?

Hey @JinnXV

Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble linking your Steam ID to SHiFT. I’ve got an idea for another method that may help: You should be able to also link your Steam ID from in-game in BL2, BLTPS, or BL3. You simply need to navigate to the Extras Menu then select SHiFT Code Input then Sign-In for BL2 & BLTPS. BL3 is slightly different where this is on the Social Menu, then the SHiFT Tab.

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Having the same issue.

@RapZowsdower_GBX I don’t have any of those older BL titles on PC and cant get on BL3 because my account name is taken by SHiFT, any other workarounds or a fix?

Same issue - had to create a shift account but still no play with friends.

This sounds like it may actually be a slightly different issue that one of our Support Agents should be able to assist with! If you wouldn’t mind submitting a ticket to Gearbox Official Support with “SHiFT Account” selected as your Game an Agent should be with you ASAP!

This sounds like it may be a separate issue from OP’s report. My immediate recommendation for issues with multiplayer/crossplay functionality would be to reach out to our partners at 2K Support! Their Agents should be able to assist in resolving those types of issues!

Hello. i was having same problem but somehow i found work around to connect my account to it. the problem is the site crash when he try to redirect you to the steam. so you have to redirect it manually if you know the SHIFT Callback link and Steam Authentication link.

Steps that i did to link my account are:

1- Connect to the
2- Go to gaming Platforms and click on sing in (Steam) and he will redirect you to the link look like .
3- copy that link.
4- use this link ( and put in the end the link that you copy it.
5- login in the steam. then he will redirect you to SHIFT site. and u will see ur account is connected with steam.

To be clear what you did here is you just tell Steam to authenticate your account with SHIFT and redirect the page to the specific link (the link that you copy it in step 3).

I hope this method will help u.

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This method cant work when the web server spits out an HTTP 500 error. 500 errors are server issues. It cant generate an ID to use in your step 4 if the server is down.

Also confirmed that user account creation isnt working in the older titles. It tries, but fails on setting username.

Two Methods that have worked for some people.

  1. If your steam account is already linked, unlink it then launch the game and sign into shift from there. (

  2. if you dont have a steam account already linked make a new shift account and sign in via in-game.

  3. Wait for fix…i guess.

it’s fixed/

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still having this issue. tried linking and unlinking steam account no changes.


@Weekend I’m been having the same issues since yesterday as well. Did try to un-link and re-link (once that page was running again) my Steam accout to SHiFT, but that does not appear to work.

Filed a support ticket with 2K support earlier today, but I don’t expect that to be looked at until after the weekend.

Same issue for me too. I tried re-linking but it didn’t work. By the way, I reinstall my EPIC launcher and BD3 then I worked. Later I play BD3 again and it isn’t working anymore.

Sent a support ticket with 2k support. waiting for the solution