Can't mark enemies on Incursion

I’ve been running into a problem where we can’t use our marker (C by default) to mark enemies, buildings, thralls, etc. This has been a consistent issue for a couple days, but only on Incursion for some strange reason. I’ve tried re-binding the key to something else and it still proves to be unresponsive when playing this game mode. Has this been happening to anyone else? I know a couple other randoms I’ve played with have noticed the same issue.


I’ve been experiencing this as well. Doesn’t work in incursion, only works half the time in meltdown. Playing as ISIC if it matters.I play on Xbox, this was the only thread about this issue I could find though : /

Yeah. There’s a thread about it here: Ping and Map keys not working after latest patch

Needs to be fixed.

Can Gearbox at least acknowledge this issue so we stop bumping the same threads over and over again!

has anyone (besides me) submitted this bug to their support?

follow-up: Does anyone have a video of it?