Cant mark loot as junk

I can’t mark items I’m carrying as junk. I also cant get Maurice to give me the Bloody Harvest mission! Help?!

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First is a bug that cropped up with the last update that only appears to affect PS4 users.

The second means you’re probably loading into the game too fast and the hotfix didn’t get applied. Try sitting at the main menu screen (top item should be ‘Play’ - the pumpkins should drop in the background as soon as the event is enabled.

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So if it only effects PS4 users has it been fixed yet or…?

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It only cropped up after the last update, which is still less than a week ago. As far as I can tell it only affects PS4 users - the function works fine on XB1 regardless of being in inventory or store - and I haven’t heard of any issues on PC. Unfortunately I don’t have access to any Gearbox internal information, so that’s all I can tell you for now.

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It appears to be a bug predominantly among PS4 users (I’m on a PS4 Pro, FWIW).

Per tech support (I submitted a trouble ticket – I pasted text from it in another thread), there is no ETA on when it will be fixed. It only seems to have begun after Bloody Harvest was released.

Per what I’ve been reading on this and other forums, and my last correspondence with their CSR, I am under the impression it won’t be fixed anytime soon, so if you (like me) find it makes the game much slower/tediously unenjoyable, the only real solution at this time is to…uhm:

  1. Just deal with it, or
  2. play a different game.

Number 1 is their official recommendation; number 2 is…just common sense :smiley:

Much as it irritates me to have paid $100 for a game which, post-patch, quickly became so tedious & frustrating I became uninclined to play it after a few hours of slogging – and discovering I probably won’t be able to use content I already paid for (the season pass comes w/the Super Deluxe & above editions) – I’ve opted for number 2, and am currently checking out Rage2 and Outer Worlds.

But that’s just me. YMMV.



Here’s a link to the other, larger thread about this issue:

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