Can't moonstone grind?

I just downloaded the compatability pack on the xbox 360 today (2/26/2015) and i get back to concordia and the moonstone grind option has disappeared… Not just on purple weapons but all weapons. Is this a glitch or did they get rid of moonstone grinding completely? If they didnt can somebody help me fix this?

Nope. Moonstone grinding is still there - not sure why your not seeing the option, unless you are trying to grind items that the game treats as different rarity to what the card implies. Is the regular grind option there? Did you restart to get the hotfix applied after downloading the CP?

Also, this is in the B1 section, so if a mod could possibly move it…

Moved to tech support.

Sorry about posting in the wrong section! This was my first post on this website… The regular grind option is still there but that is it no moonstone option. How do i get the hotifix applied? Ive already restarted my game multiple times. I even turned the game off for two days and just started it back up and it still only has the regular grind option.

The moonstone grind option is sometimes there and sometimes not. There are a few posts on this topic, and it seems the whole thing is just incredibly bugged. The hotfix is supposed to prevent you performing a three-purple grind that would freeze your xbox, but it’s not clear exactly how that looks to the player: sometimes the regular grind button will be there but will not activate, sometimes it’s there but disabled while moonstone grinding is, and sometimes only the regular grind option is visible (no moonstone option appears).

As far as I can tell, there’s no real way on xbox to confirm whether or not hotfixes are applied to your game, other than watching carefully during the start-up process and hoping that it actually worked. Until there’s a permanent fix for the problem in an update, the best option is just to assume that you won’t always be able to grind three purples, with or without moonstone.