Can't move after fast travel

Character will not move after fast travel. Can still open menus mark thing and change quests with the d-pad, but can not move, look around, swap weapons or anything else like that. Anyone else having similar issues? Has anyone found a work around for this? I hate having to leave a game I am supposed to be hosting every other mission/run.

Not experienced this, but I know there were some maps were you could arrive facing the wrong direction. Is this after using the Echo map to FT, or one of the actual FT stations?

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After using the echo map. I will try using the location fast travel a few times now and see if the issue still arises, never thought of that. Thanks for the idea though.

So after 15-20 times of using the fast travel station it doesnt seem to lock me up anymore using the echo map still does though. Will update if this changes

Weird. Does it matter which direction your character is facing when you initiate FT by echo? And is this always to the same location, or any location?

I havent noticed a directional difference in the amount it locks up and can happen at any location I travel to. A buddy from a facebook messenger group said he was having the same issue as well. It is very bizarre being able to still use d-pad and both menu buttons ect. But not being able to move look around shoot or swap.

Which character(s) - is it specific that way?

Happens with both my moze and amara at this point. Forgot to put I havent put any time into the others yet.

Update- after many hours of play today really only seems to happen when fast traveling from the echo map. Will have to just retrain myself to use fast travel stations for now.

This happens to me at times. I don’t recall what exactly I am doing at the time. I am sure one of the factors is that I am just mindlessly holding down a movement direction waiting for the loading screen to end, and realizing after the load finishes that I am stuck. I just exit to the select character screen and reload.

I’ve had this happen intermittently before, but today it’s happened about 4 times so far. Quitting and restarting is the only thing I can do. (Echo fast travel)