Cant navigate to Slaughterstar 3000

I’m not able to navigate to the slaughterstar 3000 to complete the circle of slaughter mission. For some reason it wont give me the map to the location but I have the mission active and it’s the only mission I have left to do. Anyone else having this issue and can someone help me with this issue. Might be related to all the technical problems plaguing bl3


Same issue for me. I navigated to the area but quit before using the drop pod, and the next time I logged on I was unable to navigate back.

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@Livejaked yep I did the exact same thing to complete proving grounds first. Then tired to go back it was no longer a destination. I’m pretty sure it’s related to all the technical issues with the game. Good thing tho is I didn’t have to restart my entire game. I just chose a new zane while still keeping my old zane save file. But still sucks I gotta technically restart just to complete the circle of slaughter

Should of just gone in through matchmaking.

True but I didn’t know at the time I could still complete it and get the achievement for it