Can't perform a Moonstone Grind of 3 purple shields, grenade mods or Oz kits, respectively

Hello there!

The problem is that I see no “Moonstone Grind” option (which was available earlier) when I put 3 purple shields, grenade mods or Oz kits into the Grinder, but I see it when I’m going to grind 3 purple Class Mods using Moonstones. Here are the pics:

But I still see the “Moonstone Grind” option when I put 3 blue shields into the Grinder (it’s greyed out because I don’t have enough Moonstones):

Any suggestions on how I can fix that?

P. S. Except going offline, quitting, restarting and rebooting - I’ve tried it all, nothing helped me.

You can’t do that any more - only for purple COMs. Check the update notes for the March 24th update, about half-way down the list where it says:

Players can no longer use moonstones to grind 3x very rare (purple) items unless they are class mods.

Edit to add that, without moonstone grinding, the odds of getting a legendary from three purples appears to be about 1 in 10.


Sad but true. Why did they decide to remove this option?

Thanks a lot for the help!

I don’t know if it was every intended to be a thing, but an issue did develop on console where trying to moonstone grind three purples would crash your system. That was fixed in the same patch, so I’m wondering if they are related somehow. I have noticed that certain items seem to cause the grinder to pause while scrolling through your inventory and selecting items to put in it; remove them from the grinder, and everything returns to normal. So it’s obviously doing some sort of background checking while your setting it up.