Can't pick a main

I started with Fl4k, got to around 30 and re-rolled Zane. Had some fun, then I made a amara and am further then any other character. The AOE is sweet! Haven’t tried Moze.

Anyone else have this problem? It’s so hard to stick with one. I liked Fl4k but I found outside of his action ability, I was…kinda useless?


I don’t find any reason to stick to a “main” in this game personally. I started with Fl4k and got stuck on him for a long time. I perfected 3 versions of him running different builds . For awhile I thought I would never want to play another VH. Eventually I did move on to the next, Amara. She was very strong, but I found it boringly easy so I didn’t stick with her long. I’m now stuck on Moze and find it hard playing anything else at the moment. But I know that will end, and I already know I’m going to enjoy the heck out of Zane when I finally move on to him. There is just so much to do and experience on all the VH’s you are really hurting your potential enjoyment if you just try sticking to one, in my opinion.

Honestly, you might as well try Moze and see if you like her, since you’ve already tested the other 3. Then just bop around and play whichever you feel in the mood for. I’ve got 2 to 50 and I’m working on the other 2, just playing whatever I feel like.

Also, Fl4k is awesome if you can nail headshots. All his stacking gun damage and critical multipliers make him one of the best sharpshooters, but it obviously requires good shooting skill to maximize. His pets are weak though.

That’s why I’m doing specialist characters. I enjoyed both Flak and Zane so I made my Flak a boss killer and working on a Zane to mob in slaughterhouses, then I won’t neglect them.

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You don’t need a main. I play all four. You can, too.

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Honestly the only benefit I get from pet is reviving or kill to revive when in ffyl. But when soloing m3 tvhm using loaded dice those revives come in handy lol.

•I’m not into pets/summoner classes, so flak is out.

•The last couple of games I played had dude-bro protagonists, so I wanted something different than another smarmy male.

•Iron Bear is cool, even if it’s nothing more than throwaway/consumable right now, so I’m using Moze.

•Aside from a few quips, Amara doesn’t seem to have an interesting personality, but I love me some flexing sinewy lady muscles so I got her to like Lv30 or something.

I don’t think there has ever been a game MMO/RPG whatever, where I have picked or played only one “main”.

I think its a feature, not a bug.

Just make your main Borderlands. Problem solved.