Cant pick certain characters

I have a question. So iv just finish up bl1 and im starting on bl2 and i bought the game in playstation store and it came with some dlc’s. But anyway i started a new game and i had a choice between 5 diffrent playable characters. Includeing gaige and axton. But i didnt choose gaige or axton. I chose gunzerker and now when i try to make a new character, gaige and axton are not part of the selection. Does anyone know why this could be??? Am i missing something?? Thanks in advance for any help.

Not the strangest necro I’ve ever seen. But i have no idea. Also, krieg is the dlc character, not axton.

Made your own thread out of your comment since it didnt really pertain to the other topic.

Best of luck.

did you download the dlc’s and extra content to add gaige and krieg?