Can't pick Taiidan in the campaign?

I just heard somewhere that apparently in the single player campaign you cannot pick anything but Kushan? Is this true? That’s a bit disappointing.


Ya looks like you have to play the classic HW1 to pick Taiidan.

Sounds like another mod opportunity =]

kinda disappointing derision by gearbox but hey so far so good

Oh I really don’t want to QQ about it but it is this missing detail that lurked in the back of my mind all last evening while playing.

I played HW1 on release some 15 or so years ago and I chose the Taidan ships because I loved the way they looked.

I’m having a good time, games looks JOYPUKE good, just wish I had my Taidan ships…well the models of them, I’d still be Kushaan (correct name?) of course…that’d be an odd story twist.

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I legit didn’t buy HWII because among other reasons, you couldn’t play as the Taiidan.

I don’t think I’ll be buying this game until they are playable. It shouldn’t be too hard adding them back in (and the Vaygr in HW2) I mean don’t all the factions more or less have the same ships?

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this is only true for HW 1 Races as they are basically the same with minor differences, the Vaygr and Hiigarans are very different and would be like comparing The Zerg and Protoss in SC terms the vaygr are cheap and easy to rush with but the hiigarans are more durable and have their better hyperspace prices


same here i miss my Taiidan fleet and god i wished so hard that they had implemented that feature in teh sequel so i could play as the Vaygrs XD

Modders will mostlikely fix this for us :smile:

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as i said the taiidan fleet is much simpler to implement than the vaygr, the vaygr would require its own separate campaign (possible dlc)


I figure eventually they will let you do this.

What was the reason given for not allowing you to play as the taiidan ?

Seems a weird decision on the face of it :frowning:

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Not so weird. While 99% of the assets are already there, it’s possible they didn’t have time to redo all of the voice work for both sides. Remember, any mention of “tiidan” has to be changed to “kushan”.

Double the work.

I would expect it to come later, but I won’t be too upset if it never shows.

That’s sort of what I thought (99% and all) , they got the voice actors back in anyway, So it would make no sense to not do both sets of voice work then and there, were not exactly talking about hours and hours of extra studio time.

or am I missing something else ?

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Allowing you to play as the Vaygr in Homeworld 2 wouldn’t be a huge issue, biggest problem that I can think of is that Vaygr don’t have defense field frigates for mission 12.

Well, yes. It’s a lot. A lot of money to hire the voice actors (they are not cheap) twice the amount of lines to re-do, twice the time it takes.

I am pretty sure that it was a pretty quick, but not easy choice.

I would like to know what the devs think, because I would really like to know if the big flaps on the tiidan mothership open and shut with hyperspace ;3

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It wouldn’t be twice the number of lines. There are only a few lines that mention the Taiidani by name, especially when compared to the amount of lines for things like construction notifications.

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Yeah costs will go up, but bringing the actors back in at a later date should you DLC it in 3 months will cost a damn site more. and how many lines are we actually talking about anyway 5…10…20 ? its not exactly an audio books worth.

I’m honestly struggling to see the voice work as the stumbling block for giving the player an entire alternate fleet to use.

Edit : Also what he just said :slight_smile:

Then it may be something else, scripting, or maybe they didn’t view it as important.

I really hope its not that last one :frowning:

Or some nonsense “sell it to you later” DLC shenanigans

Time will tell I guess.

This is what happened, I can guarantee.