Can't Ping Location Reliably Anymore

I have no idea what changed in the recent update, but I find pinging players (right thumbstick on XB1) or a location is a lot more unreliable than it was previously. It seems I have to try to ping players 3 or 4 times before it actually hits him, if it does at all. Location pinging is the same. I know it’s not my controller, because my friends are complaining about it too.

Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone found a solution?

Yes. It’s very frustrating. Especially after landing a rupture and not being able to mark the enemy in the air.

Yeah they def changed something.

Change ping to B (circle on ps4) and quick melee to RS

I’m on PC but this only happens in Incursion (more specifically Overgrowth but I haven’t played much Echelon) for me. It also only happens when I’m trying to ping players from what I noticed. Pinging geometry seems to work fine.

Does that fix it? I don’t think it’s an issue with actually pressing the button. It’s something in the game.

I’ve actually been playing only overgrowth since the update and that’s when I started noticing it. Usually I play meltdown. Interesting

imo, it helps. I don’t have any scientific data to back it up, though.

K will try it thanks.

I just had this happen for the first time last night.

I was playing on Overgrowth and at some point, the game started being weird. First I couldn’t ping anymore at all.

Then my friend capture a thrall camp, but the thrall disappeared and he had a large triangle on his screen for no reason.

THEN the minions stopped noticing other minions or enemy players and just walked towards sentries.

I had that happening several times in the same two consecutive match (after that I rebooted everything) right after the patch, never had this since then. Your friend was not synchronized with the server anymore. Made me die because when the server finally picked up, it teleported me back in a dangerous place I was supposed to not be anymore (basically a gigantic rubberbanding, if you prefer). That triangle is basically telling you you’re not synchronized anymore, or something like that (it’s actually a plug symbol IIRC). That’s why the thrall camp didn’t work. He killed the thrall and picked the camp but the server side didn’t get any info on this.

that’s… .a really rare occurrence I think. You’re the first person I see mentioning the same problem I encountered.