Can't play 360 digital version online?

I have 360 digital version, purchased every DLC…now I find out I cannot system with friends who have the handsome jack version?

Not Kool

That’s always been the case though, even before the Games with Gold digital edition. Are there any games that let you co-op between 360 and XB1 versions?

Unfortunate, but true, the 360 Backward compatible version is not compatible/playable with the Handsome Collection which was remastered specifically for Xbox 1 (and other new consoles). For me it’s beyond reason why they even released a free with gold version, when a Remastered (with BOTH games and ALL DLC for both games) version is available, that’s just plain Stupid on somebody’s part in my mind.

You can however play that free game online with anyone on the 360 who has that game

None that I can think of.
Borderlands 1 did come to mind, BUT, it’s a 360 game and the XB1 reverts to basically a 360 to be able to play it

In fact the Free to download game should have had a disclaimer that said it was not compatible with the handsome collection.

Yes. There are a few things about the situation that are obviously confusing people (like the upload/download save menus). I really wonder if the decision to release the GWG version was purely between MS and 2K, with no/minimal input from GBX? I mean, I’m sure if they’d asked the programmers for input they’d have pointed out a number of things like that. The way the backwards compatibility works on XB1 though, basically all MS has to do is get permission from whoever holds the publishing rights.