Can't play anymore?

I was so excited to play Borderlands Pre Sequel today, and I got on only to find out that the Pre Sequel was not available, as if I didn’t have it downloaded, even though I bought the Handsome Collection. The same issue is happening with Borderlands 2. If this problem can be fixed, or if anyone knows more information about this, I would like to hear back. Thank you

Might get a bit more help if you re-posted in the appropriate forum for your platform, since there are different issues with each. One quick question though: did you actually buy the HC, or did you just take advantage of the free weekend on XB1/MS Store? Because if the latter, that was badly described by MS: it was actually just a free trial weekend.

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I bought it, but I still can’t play it.


Probably some sort of DRM issue then. Unfortunately, I can’t really suggest anything unless I know which platform you are on (PS3/3, 360/XB1, PC). You’ll find a support sub-forum for the respective platforms where you more likely to get appropriate responses.

I play on the Xbox one

OK, then try a full reset on the XB1 (instructions on the XBox support pages - power down, disconnect power supply, etc.) Restart the XB1 and make sure you’re logged in to your profile. Check that the game is fully installed and not still waiting to complete a download before launching it. If it still won’t start up, you’ll need to contact MS support for additional trouble-shooting. It’s a pain, but the chat support option seems to connect reasonably quickly.

I found the problem. The Handsome Collection has crashed for me, and I have to rebuy it. It sucks, but it’s whatever I guess.

??? That doesn’t make sense. I would suggest checking your purchase history first, and see if the purchase is still listed. If so, you should be able to delete the games from your hard drive, then re-download. If something screwed up with the purchase but you’re account shows you as having paid for it, MS support should be able to fix that.

No, it even screwed up the purchase history. I know that I bought it, cause I bought it three weeks ago, before the free trial even came out. I’m guessing that when I viewed the free package, it glitched out and mistook that I downloaded the free trial instead of buying it. This sort of thing also happened to me on my phone with Infinity Blade.

Well that sucks. Did you buy it using points or your credit card? If the latter, you could hopefully at least get the original purchase refunded.

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I bought it using credits. I bought the card at Gamestop and entered the code into my account and bought it that way.