Can't play Battleborn PS4

So i bought the game today and wanted to play…but it gives me an error all the time, when i try to play the tutorial (wich i need to complete in order to chose any other playlists) any solutions or is the server currently down or overloaded?

Patch is rolling out right now

Edit. Talk about crappy timing for you, sorry dude

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thx for the reply! was it the 700MB patch? because it did DL/Install it.

No idea on size of it. Won’t know till I’m home

I keep getting discounted from the prologue server why and how can I fix this

I just bought the game on Wednesday, downloaded all the updates, and attempted playing it today. I have tried periodically all day to get into the game. But constantly at the title screen it says “Lobby Creation Failed.” and to check my internet connection. I am connected perfectly fine to the internet, and would really like to start playing and enjoying this game. Hoping for a speedy response

I having the same issues as well know I was having it before the updated and then i was able to play and I was playing for about 2 hours today with then new character and I closed out the game for just a few mins and try to log back in and now it would let me back in with Lobby Creation Failed showing right back up, the funny thing is I can login with my wife’s account on her system and play on her account but if I try jumping on my account on her system it does the same thing.

Yeah I just tried getting on with an old account of mine, an account I don’t use anymore. I got in perfectly fine on that one… What’s going on >.>

I even just tried deleting the game from my system and re-installing it. That didn’t fix the issue either.

See I’m having this problem now too, and it’s annoying because not only had I been playing not just 3 hours ago, I hadn’t even closed the game out. All I did was watch netflix for about 3 hours, flipped back over to Battleborn and got the failed to create lobby error. The worst part is, I’m not even sure as to who to tag to get an answer to this problem, but it’s kind of ruining my day off. =/

Also, apparently I can’t even add my current PSN to a split screen party when I log in with my old PSN account. Kinda of silly how a PSN account i havent used in years can get in perfectly fine. However, the one i use daily, can’t get in AT ALL.