Cant play borderlands three

i bought the game on launch as well as the season pass and completed the story and everthing on epic games. now when i go back on the epic games launcher and attempt to play i cannot because it says i have to re-buy the game or something. when i go to launch i through my files it says that i have to use the launcher to launch the game. anyway i can get help so that i dont have to re-buy the game or whatever. really enjoyed it when i got it.

Might want to check if there’s an update for the epic launcher and then restart your computer. It’s also possible that licensing checks and other stuff are being erratic right now because Epic has a major deal on, so their servers are much busier than usual.

Otherwise, you can contact 2K support for assistance - link is in the pinned thread at the top of this section.

just uninstalled the game to try and do the uninstall and then reinstall but it just took it straight out of my library so i cant even try reinstalling. also made a ticket to 2k.

You should probably file a ticket with Epic as well.