Cant play dlc 2

i changed my location in the epic store to the usa
did the same to my shift account
still the same issue it says the dlc2 isnt installed
contacted epic tech support and they asked me to contact 2k

oh right forgot to mention, when i purchased the game i was residing in saudi arabia
anything i can do other than waiting for the 2k tech support ?

Ah. That’s probably the issue right there. SA banned DLC2 completely, so Epic had to remove it from the store for that country. There was a post in the forums about it at the time - someone had bought the season pass, and had it removed/refunded because Epic could not deliver the included content.

I don’t know how Epic handles regional versions internally. I know on PS4 the game for different regions has a unique SKU. If that’s true for Epic, then that might be blocking things. If you view the DLC in the EGS, does it show as available for purchase, or available for download?

You can find the link for 2K support in the pinned thread in this section.