Cant play event - red chests wont respawn [Pc version]

My problem is if i open a red chest they remain opened for at least 30 min and then i can re-open them again but i saw alot of streamers farming those chests constantly, they just quit to the main menu and enter the game then killing the boss and they can open the chest again over and over

i don’t even know if this is a bug or intentional for streamers, only thing i can say is i can’t farm red chest , please Gearbox can we get a reply for this issue?

There is currently an exploit on the cistern of slaughter red chest that allows bypassing cooldown, maybe it is what you saw? To be honest, I 'd not be surprised if someone found some way around the timer elsewhere in game.

tyvm for the reply at least now i know my game is fine

no still some streamers farming chests left and right without timer, not just Cistern of Slaughter chest every red chest in the game

Seems to be the Captain Traunt chest(s) for me. I have not tried all my chars. It seems maybe … maybe … to be on a 45 minute timer or such … but I’m not sure it is even that consistent … like maybe 45 minute, then catch it not openable, then the next time imediately after it will be. Not sure. Doesn’t seem consistent at all, but not openable many more times than openable. I’ve tried opening or not opening all the other chests in the area and clearing or not clearing the surrounding areas, but nothing seems to work. I spawn in just above the drop down point from the main menu, after an exit to the main menu, I never actually restart the game, but this method seems to be working for the other chests.

I’ve not tried all the other chests … but the Reliance, Chonk Stomp, Gigagravemind, and Katagawa Ball all seem to be openable each time.

There is a red chest event happening until feb13. They will have way better loot and should respawn on savequit.

Can confirm this, through my own tests it takes about 45 minutes to reset of ingame time. Could be 30 minutes, but I don’t think so.

I’ve only seen the OP’s described behaviour when watching streamers on a console.

You don´t have to be a streamer. Out of four toons three can open chests every time after I quit, one can not. This also changes from hotfix to hotfix. If the chests are supposed to be on a timer, then this is a (nice) bug. Enjoy it while it lasts, especially in the Droughts, where one can open three chests without any combat in less than 2 minutes. Don´t know though if this is true on PC, I play on a X1X.

lol lucky are the people that have a bugged timer, enjoy. None of my characters have this bug

And Gearbox plans on fixing this how? The randomness of this happening to some and not others is complete and utter garbage. It needs to be addressed otherwise this event is a bust for many.

i don’t think they’ll fix it while the event still continue , sadly alot of us stuck with the 45 min timer while others farming the chests constantly

Isn’t it lovely :blush:

ty for the link but that didn’t solve my issue sadly :frowning:

Didn’t help me either. Tried everything!

Just posting to say those steps above didn’t help me. I didn’t have the extension enabled either - I enabled it and disabled it following the steps through twice just to be sure.

If this isn’t intended behaviour (and who knows, it could be), then my guess is something linked to how old the characters are is also a factor. Newer characters might need hotfixes / not need hotfixes, but there could be something in the core data for older characters that means they’re just a bit stuffed until GBX fix it.

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