Can't play mayhem mode

Hey I just finished my 1st Play through and it won’t let me start a new game with mayhem mode the option is simply not there. Am I missing something or can anyone help me with this, I’m playing on xbox one by the way

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make sure u talk to tannis. she has a mission that unlocks it

oh im sorry. new game wont start with mayham, u need to beat the game again in tvhm

So when I get back to sanctuary In my new game I need to talk to tannis

O OK But after you beat tvhm then u can start new play through with mayhem, So what’s the point of getting it in the 1st place if you have to beat the whole game again in another mode, That really sucks if you ask me. Lol

right, i didnt play through tvhm cause theres no real incentive expt to redo missions for mission rewards. i just play on normal with MH 10 since it would be the same as tvhm MH 10

I thought u said I have to play tvhm b4 I can play mayhem on normal, how r u playing on mh10 if u didn’t beat tvhm

Its not allowing me to play mayhem on normal! Lol

The option isn’t there when I start a new game on normal mode

You can use Mayhem only on character who’s beaten the Story.

Ok I might be ■■■■■■■■ but apparently I don’t know how to start a new game with that character lol, I thought I was but then it starts the story line again and has me pick a new character and all

I played as Zane so do I just pick Zane out of the line up again

I didn’t try that because I thought I could pick another character lol

trying that now, thank u

Ok still no luck lol

If you start new character Mayhem will be inactive. You can use it only on that single Zane.

apparently I am not aware of how to start a new play through with same character

Play -> Load character

I load my character and then go to new game While in normal mode then I selected new game and it still goes through the whole thing of me selecting a character and all that, the only other option is to continue my character

So is there some way to reset the missions or something after I continue that character