Can't play offline

I am playing on Xbox One and I cannot play offline. I used to play offline on this Xbox, even though this Xbox wasn’t my Home Xbox and it’d give me an error, then I’d try again and it’d let me play anyways. I’m military so I travel away from home a lot and this was nice functionality that let me play offline while away from home, and it was even better because my brothers could play on my home xbox while I was away, and because it gave them Borderlands, we could even play together when I had internet capability.

Then it stopped doing that yesterday. I thought maybe it was the 3 October patch and now it would require me to make it my Home Xbox, but I made it my home xbox (much to my brothers’ dismay) and it loads the game until I Get to Press A to Continue screen. Then it kicks me back to the desktop.

This has been quite a frustrating experience. Can someone shed some light into what I’m doing wrong?

I’m having the same problem, this is so frustrating & unecessary. I got in one time all the way to the game but it took a couple hours.