Can't play on PC?

When I launch the game I get a map of the global release time, which was an hour ago. Tried restarting epic, restarted PC, verified download, nothing works.


Still no game :frowning:

Still nothing, no response from epic or 2k support requests, disappointing.

I started, looked at settings, went to start first game and screens went black. Windows tried repair and threatened System Restore and eventually restarted. Since then, this release time screen is my entire game, 4 hours after release.

Pretty sure the only setting I changed was subtitles on and adjusting the brightness on prompt at startup.

I ran the Verify option on Epic Launcher, still the same.

The only thing google seems to be offering so far is some patch from a site that could be titled GetYourVirusesHere.


Edit: Husband just got home and his version plays fine on Windows 10, upgrading my OS in case that’s it even though it fits the specs as is. Fingers crossed.

Edit again: Windows upgraded to 10. Still the Global Release Time PC is the only feature of the game, because it’s the only part of the game. It’s 12 hours since release. Send supplies.

On the bright side, the other Borderlands games are still here for me, and surely they’ll eventually fix it.

Still sad.

Also, looking at the map reminded me that about a month ago I happened to see a map and actually paid attention to the location of Moscow.

Moscow is most of the way to the west of Russia! I had always kind of pictured it easterly and never actually paid any attention to maps. Probably because of stories of wars and poorly equipped armies being stupid enough to assault the area. Maybe the attackers looked at a map and thought “hah, that’s not far”.

I like stories. And since I can’t play Borderlands 3 you all have to read them! Muahaha!

Anyone able to fix this? I’m having the same problem.

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Similar issue here. I had to do a windows system restore to get cortana and search bar functionality back- and have been stuck with the same screen since.
(I was able to play previously, and also attempted to verify)

Edit: I fixed the issue for myself by moving the C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Borderlands3 contents elsewhere and uninstalling the game. I then started installing fresh until around 2%, then used task manager to kill the launcher.
I then moved the Borderlands3 contents back into the folder, minus the .egs folder. When I loaded the launcher up, it verified the files and installed it- back to a playable state.