Can't play online, Connection failed

I was playing earlier and it worked fine and when I got back on it keeps saying connection failed when I try to go online. This has been happening over the course of several days. Both me and my friend have checked our network status and NAT type and we can’t find any reason why it would be doing this. When we first get on, we can see each other online but when we try to join it says connection failed and puts us into offline mode until we close the game and reopen it.

I wonder what is going on and if this is affecting a lot of people. Gearbox, can you please fix this problem? The multiplayer is what this game is about and with it not working, the heart of the game is dead.

I came here to post about my own connection issues, but there seems to be a number of threads already.

Basically it is the same sort of issue that everyone else is describing: I can’t seem to be able to change my connection to online or anything. It is stuck in offline mode. Whenever I turn on the game, it seems to be working fine, but as soon as it gets to the main menu, it says the connection has failed and to check my network and cables, etc.

All other things seem to work fine, like the PS store and other games with online components.

I thought I should just let someone know about it.