Can't play online on Borderlands 3 (can't connect to SHiFT service)

I know this question has been asked many times, but no one seemed to have an answeer that worked for me. So! I’ve just puurchased Borderlands 3 on steam to play with a friend. The first time I started it, nothign wrong. I invited my friend and we played through the tutorial. But then, all of a sudden and as the Host, I lost connection to the gearbox SHiFT service and my friend disconnected. No matter what i do, I seem to not be able to reconnect to the service. I tried deactivating the firewall, restarting the game multiple times, running as administrator, giving lsass all the rights to do whaterver the hell it is supposed to do and all the other stuff internet says should help, but nothing. I won’t tinker with the router or forward any port, since at the very beginning everything was working just fine. Does anyone have an answer for me? Please


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