Can't play the game because of constant crashing at startup or in main menu -SOLVED- ( REINSTALL YOUR GRAPHIC DRIVERS)

I’ve been looking around the internet for the better part of the last 2 weeks trynna find a fix for my problem, not to say that 2Ksupport literally either leaves my messages on read (it has a last activity thing and when its 1 hour ago with no response it’s kinda easy to realize what is happening) or respond at most once a day at lunch, and even if I respond withing 20 minutes they don’t respond in less than 24 hours. Maybe they’re just busy tho.

Ok so introduction over, as i said, Borderlands 3 constantly crashes every time i run it either when loading up the game, just as the menu fades in, or about 10 seconds after it loads in and i look around at the options or just do nothing. The game crashes, i get a reset to defaults error, saying that it noticed that the game has been crashing a lot recently and if i want to reset to defaults, and then i get a unreal engine crash report (yes, i bought the game at launch on EpicGames, and my opinion stays the same, the platform is ■■■■ no matter how many free games they give away).
Guess that my specs are important as well so here they are:
Yes, i have a laptop so if u trynna come in here saying “hehe laptop bad”, without any other insight… like … idk, suit yourself i guess its oke. The laptop is an MSI GE72 6QF APACHE PRO: gtx 970m 3gb, i7 6700hq and 8gb ddr4 2133mhz CL15 ram. Guess that should be all. If you guys have any ideas i would be more than glad to hear them, thanks!

Have you heard of anyone having similar issues with similar laptop configuration?
When you say “crash”, is it a Crash-to-desktop, or is it another window popping up indicating the game has crashed?

I’ve never seen a “reset to defaults” on any program I’ve had so that is new to me. Is that message coming from an Epicgames client or is that built into the BL3 game that I never heard of before?

If you post a screen grab of that message, it may or may not help in the troubleshooting.

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Thank you for answering. No, i have not heard of anyone with a similar setup to have such problems (i’ve seen people with the same issue but different laptops/pcs), but i’ve seen people with similar configs running the game just fine. Also, no it’s not a crash-to-desktop, the game stops running and then another window pops up saying that the game has crashed. Also the process can only be stopped through task manager so thats really annoying as well. I’ll post below the screenshots of the windows that pop up.crash1

I am having the exact same problem! I have gone through every option and its not a hardware or OS problem, I simply cannot find a solution since the issue started when the mayhem 2.0 update was released


So i’m back with some news. No the issue is not fixed :smiley: But even 2K support couldn’t figure this one out and … yeah… basically i can’t play the game :DDD If i hadn’t seen someone with the same specs play it it would’ve been fine, but there are people out there playing the game on 970m’s, 960m’s or… get this… EVEN ■■■■■■■ INTEGRATED GRAPHICS… sure they tweak the setting to the point where the game looks like its running on a ■■■■■■■ toaster, but guess what… I’VE DONE THE SAME… AND IT STILL AINT WORKING! (you really shouldnt play a game in 640x480 with half render resolution) … ummm… so yeah, Gearbox or Epic, dunno whose fault it is (maybe even mine), fix yo ■■■■!!!

I’ve seen the ‘You do not have any debugging symbols…’ error message before, right at launch - there were a number of threads about it in this section. You should be able to find them if you do an advanced search (click the magnifying glass icon and options) and wind the date range back.

I don’t remember the exact details, unfortunately, nor what the solution was.

TBH, every single time I have recieved the bug report screen, that statement is there.

Haven’t seen it for a few months as i’ve only been dealing with screen locks rather than actual crash to desktop glitches lately.

well ye, this one is a screen lock, not a crash to desktop thing

run it in windowed fullscreen, that way when it does freeze up, you can still bring up task manager to kill the process. If you’re in plain fullscreen, then a screen-lock won’t let you do that.

also, if you’re running any mayhem, get rid of the mob mentality and chain gang modifiers. they are pretty much a guarantee screen freeze when either using or having used against you, cryo explosive weapons


I have 2 monitors so killing the process wasnt a problem, but nvm i fixed it imma make a reply to the original and explain, its really easy :DDD

Guys nvm, i fixed it… I thought it was so plain and simple that i wouldnt have to do suck a thing but ye… install DDU and ■■■■ your drivers up, then reinstall them and it works… YE, IT WAS THE ■■■■■■■ DRIVERS …

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Glad you got it fixed!