Can't play with friends Steam >> Epic or Epic >> Steam

So I’m trying to play with a friend on Steam - I accidentally bought an Epic license from Greenman gaming and they wouldn’t let me exchange refund it - in any case, I’ve been able to play with my friends on steam previously but now whenever we connect, we can see the other person in game but have no character loaded, then it will time out and say that the network connection was dropped. We’re both on gigabit and we can play other games over the net no problem.

All I’m trying to do is confirm we are on the same version - because it feels like network stack code is at fault here. I can see using the ellipses in the epic game client (ick) that I’m on 1.0.11_CL_2256815_Borderlands_3 - I assume this means game version 1.0.11 and hotfix is 2256815. I have no way to check because I haven’t been able to find out if that’s accurate.

Not sure how to find it for steam either - we can get a build ID from the local files section of the game properties but otherwise, like in-game, can’t seem to figure out where that information will be.

My game is still showing the cartel event, but my buddy is showing bounty for blood. So I’m pretty sure I haven’t gotten a hotfix and I also can’t seem to find a way to force it.

Any halps? tia <3

Well, all I had to do was completely uninstall and reinstall the game and the hotfix applied. Only took half an hour despite gigabit. Great fix. :+1: