Can't play with two characters on the same account?

So I uploaded me and my wife’s old PS3 saves and imported them to the ps4 version. Keeping in mind the PS3 originally did not allow for loading two player profiles into a game at the same time when Borderlands originally came out, both of our characters were saved to my account. The problem is, the PS4 version of Borderlands won’t allow me to load two separate splitscreen characters on the same account, meaning we can’t play any more. Is there a way around this, or was Gearbox just not thinking?

It’s not Borderlands or Gearbox. It’s the PS4/Sony.
Same goes for every game.
Some kind of money grabbing gimmick in hope of scoring multiple PS+ per console.
Really annoying for people who had a bunch of mules but seeing your case. I dare not complain.
Only option is to use a second account and level up from scratch. Sorry about that.

They also made game sharing (Between consoles you own, mind you.) more complicated. You need to have a console set as “primary” for other account to use the game. And of course you can have only one primary…
Welcome to the 21st century. :zipper_mouth_face: