Can't pre-purchase borderlands 3 on epic store?

And that’s perfectly fine. You make your choice and I can see there are good reasons for your choice. Just trying to communicate my stance.

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That’s Bethesda launcher for you while trying to select a game to play or navigating through menu :smiley: …and it doesn’t even have the store built in.

I’m still probably going to preorder it, but with things like this, I’m not 100% sure.

I pre-ordered on Epic on Day 1, and just got a 10 dollar refund thanks to this sale situation.

Epic’s focus on the revenue split is another of their ploys to turn people against steam and try to make steam look like a villain in all this. However the split they are doing is was actually pretty much standard across platforms for 3rd party distributors. I wouldn’t doubt at this point that the revenue split they chose to go with was done so deliberately because they calculated that valve wouldn’t be able to match it without cutting features from steam, hence the EGS pretty much having no features at all so they can still profit.

This is the problem that pubs likely weren’t considering when they chose to pull their titles. They’re faced with having to make a snap decision because of an inexperienced and/or incompetent Epic, and all of them bad :

  • do nothing and have their AAA title cheapened and battered around.
  • keep the title up and artificially raise the price to keep it in the AAA zone, risking breaking the law in certain countries and engendering customer backlash.
  • or pull the title and risk sales and loyalty.

It doesn’t matter how attractive Epic might be to pubs initially. If pubs can’t rely on Epic to present their product in a consistent and attractive manner, they’re going to go with someone who can - despite the cost.

And notice Steam is keeping mum on the whole thing. Says a lot.

Also, check this vid at 1:00

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First of all, I don’t buy Epic’s story that what they do is great for customers. As for Steam being the villain, that’s obviously marketing polemics too. I just don’t want to get caught in this whole black and white thing.

But Valve is filthy rich and the boss of Valve is richer than the boss of Sony or EA or whatever. In my opinion this raises questions about to what extent their revenue share can be justified by upholding Steam as a service. If Steam needed that much money, I doubt Gabe would be a multi-billionaire.

As for other platforms, the point has been made that MS and Sony take similar shares if you sell XBox/Playstation games. However I think there’s a difference: MS and Sony sell their hardware at a loss and spend a sh*tload of money on advertising, which helps devs and publishers selling games on those platforms. Does Valve sell gaming PCs at a loss? Do they spend millions on TV ads?

Again, I’m totally not buying that “Valve=evil, EGS=hero” rubbish. But still I think Valve’s business practices are as questionable as any.


i was planning to pre-purchase the bordelands 3 deluxe edition for 100 € from epic store in early june but i checked the store out a few days ago and it was nowhere to be seen, my question is when will 2k and/or Gearbox release it to epic store again (assuming they took it away since they have the rights)?

Probably after the Epic sale event which I think lasts for a month, I believe someone mentioned the dates a little bit higher in this thread.


Well Sony and Microsoft also have very reliable sources of income outside of video games and their consoles. Though I doubt they sell the consoles themselves at a loss to make money in the same way computer companies like HP used to do where they actually gave away their printers with computer purchases because customers would then buy their ink cartridges for $20-$30 that only had like a 25 cent production cost.

Granted after steam’s takeoff Valve really hasn’t done much in regards to developing their own titles that I can really recall. They have basically served as a sort of pioneer for the industry though when it comes to digital distribution.

I can’t say exactly what they’ve been doing with all the funds they get from steam but at least some of it is being used in an attempt to improve the consumer experience. Currently they are apparently looking at improving VR experience under belief that this will eventually be the next big direction for gaming, and they were working with the studio that developed easy anti cheat to improve Linux platform support for game titles until Epic bought said studio and essentially forced the project to go into an indefinite hold period.

In regards to Epic’s sale itself a lot of people are actually viewing it as a desperation act by Epic to try and turn around all the negativity caused by their previous actions so far, coupled with the bill in the US that some politicians are trying to push through that targets predatory micro transactions in video games as this could potentially cut into their Fortnite income noticeably.

So I really do not understand people complaining over epic here as it is first and for all the fault of the publishers.

For everyone here that supports gearbox and Borderlands 3 it is a loss. Because anyone who pre-purchased would have get theire 10 Dollars back too.

I find it sad that people care more about something stupid like getting a discount on their games that aren’t exactly discounts to the mat all but a gift of 10 Dollars to the people that want and wanted the game allready. People loved the idea of this and it created sales and maybe thats the issue here in the end!

Anyone that was against epic games store before or unsure if they should buy it there had now a reason more why to buy it there and not wait 6 more months. furthermore we know of the fact that theye offered exclusiv deals that guaranteed a specific amount of sales to some publishers, this sale could also help to reach this amount of sales so epic games store wouldn’t have to pay for games that are not sold.

(by the way this theory is how epic games store haters currently operate against the EGS just that this time it is not against the store but the publishers so maybe you should stop giving blind comments in the internet about how any store is better than the other)

So If you are a publisher would you have this line crossed when you might have an opportunity to get extra sales from another source?

I really do not like the removing from the pre-purchase and I allready have my 100$ version of the game. Not only because I could get a 10$ refund which might stil be the case but because it means weeks where people are not able to purchase the game which is also something firing back to BL3 in the end and because I know that steam needs competition as they are the ones that brought the console war to PC not Epic games even they have won it against the retail versions and our right to buy actual games not only licenses to play them.

Actually, that may not be entirely true. In the video linked above, they quote an EGS official as saying that one particular game publisher/developer had been informed of the terms if the sale ahead of time, then later admitting that this had in fact not been the case. From that, it seems like EGS bungled communication with developers/publishers.

Let’s just say that it’s not been a smooth process…


I don’t believe this is as big as everyone is making it save your money console players. And just pre order it it is 59.99 or 60$ No sales people. And yes epic got there hands on bl3 and I know epic has sold fortnite . However im sure 2k did not know about the discount. And that is why people are mad cause 2k wanted 60$ + For the game instead of epic’s deals on the game.

You should also try to understand the guy in the vid as he allready indicates that he is quite contra egs :wink:

But yes there is the problem of telling everyone clear enough whats will happen and thats probably again one of those contract issues with letters getting smaller and smaller until you have to use a microscope :stuck_out_tongue:

However I am disappointed about 2K here as well as for some other publishers too mentioned in the vid. Marketing speach is most and for all against costumers and thats nothing that EGS is to blame for this time.

There’s other factors also at work as well. Putting a pre-order title on sale in general is going to de-value the game in the eyes of the general consumer populace. Add to that other possible problems when that lower price is only available on 1 distribution platform. Every copy sold outside the EGS would have been normal price. This would likely include buying from the 3rd parties that Epic allowed to sell product keys for use on the EGS.

The complete removal of the titles as a whole is giving indications that their store doesn’t have an opt out feature for publishers or devs that did not want to have titles participate in this sale. Something I don’t doubt given the lack of features in general with the EGS platform for both consumers and developers. People are having accounts blocked for potential fraud due to the store not even having a shopping cart to buy more than 1 item per transaction.

I’ll admit to having a low opinion of the EGS after initial research. However I’m willing to try it if they improve enough to raise my opinion of the platform by the time BL3 releases. However nearly everything they’ve done since then has just pushed that opinion lower. The idea or concept behind the sale wasn’t bad. However they botched so horribly on the execution that it turned into a giant crapshoot and the results of it are effecting consumer opinion on devs and publishers that have or previously had content available on the platform.

BlockquoteThere’s other factors also at work as well. Putting a pre-order title on sale in general is going to de-value the game in the eyes of the general consumer populace. Add to that other possible problems when that lower price is only available on 1 distribution platform. Every copy sold outside the EGS would have been normal price. This would likely include buying from the 3rd parties that Epic allowed to sell product keys for use on the EGS.

Like said marketing speach and costumer unfriendly nothing more and nothing less than this. Also No one stops steam from doing the same giving up their incomes to boost sales. By the way you noticed that there are games more frequently for free now on steam as well? If free games are good or bad is something for an other discussion but at least it is happening right now.

That EGS struggle with lots of issues considdering their shop design is nothing I want to decline as false at it is that way and yes they need lots of work before they could really argue to be where they want to be and yes they should have learned from other stores before on the other hand I think thats stuff that can be fixed and should be however nothing I decline as something that I would need fast at least not faster as the issue with offlinemode and such stuff which really was the bigger issue for costumers.

I wrote it somewhere else I think in the Alienware arena Forums that I actually admit to EGs Sale for a way better reason. Steams sales suck because they give you the feeling that you have to buy those games on sale and it took me a while to get over this issue or my pile of shame would be was higher than it is currently. With EGS sale I’m quite happy as even I see interesting offers it doesn’t feel the same way and I do not struggle with the need to buy those games. Not only is the sale quite long compared to most of steams fast ending sales but it also give me the opportunity to think about if I really want those games right now.

When I see a game at steam in sale this often means that it is one of many sales even some way better than this and that between those sales games will be full price al lthe time. So I wait for sales to come. For EGS I actually admire the sale as it is not only a benefit for me but also for the developers and this is a big change in the mindsetting and I really look if I want a game not only because of the game but because I want to support the developer as well which is something steam never brought up. Even it might be the only time sales on EGS work this way it is actually the best sale we had so far for both sides.

So I think thats why I really hate criticism against the sale right now as we talk about something that should be this way allways and because of the criticismn on EGS we miss the chance to evolve this into something that could be working on all stores not only EGS.

This is only tangentially related to the topic but I thought it very interesting.

It’s a bit of a read but it’s relevance is China’s stance on video games in general and also Steam and Epic specifically.

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I see a lot of people blaming EGS or trying to bring Steam into this conversation, but in my view this situation is 90% 2k’s fault. They decided to grant Epic exclusivity, they pulled the game when a sale to benefit customers popped up. I haven’t seen them make a single pro-consumer decision and I hope Gearbox is giving some serious thought to their choice in publisher after this…

On the 18th 2k said: “We look forward to the game being back on the Epic Games store soon. Games bought during their Mega Sale will be honored at that price.”

A full week later, it’s still not available.

Really beginning to look like that was just a PR move to slow the outrage and they never intended to bring it back during the sale. After all the good-will that Gearbox has created with fans surrounding the game, it seems 2k is doing everything they can to blow it. I want to play BL3, but this complete bungle of a response by 2k to something that should have been a win/win for their customers has me thinking about spending my money elsewhere.

It was atleast according to randy 2K’s decision to put the game up as a timed EGS exclusive. However the removal is actually due to the lack of structure in the EGS. The way Epic set that sale up in the store doesn’t appear to have any options to use to opt out specific titles. As such we shouldn’t expect any of the pre-order titles removed over this issue to return until the sale ends. It was interesting that Randy quickly tweeted promoting the sale then ended up deleting the tweet very shortly afterwards because it specifically said BL3 was on sale there. Kind of shows a bit on how well communication is working behind the scenes there.

I actually put this on the EGS due to their platform. The actions done afterwards by 2K and other publishers due to the sale are a result caused by the EGS platform itself and likely a lack of communication by Epic.

I want to make a small update here for all of you that have pre purchased before their offer that you get the 10$ back is valid!

Currently I bought some games on the sale and by choosing the method I paid for BL3s prepurchase I got a 2nd 10$ off for my first buy.

Just want to inform you about that if you had prepurchased maybe you have something else you want to purchase while waiting for the BL3 :wink:

I just preordered on the 2k store. It says that it is an epic games download. just wondering if i’ll get a redeem code for the epic launcher sometime form 2k.