Can't progress further in the story, getting no help from gearbox or 2k

Hello! I am currently on the mission hammerlocked on Eden-6. My first time playing through i was able to enter and play around the part of the map titled The Anvil, just fine. While i was in the anvil, right after i had met Tina, i saved then quit. Then the next day, i started the game up, it started just fine. It was only until after i clicked continue in the main menu that i realized something was wrong. After the loading screen, I was able to hear the in game audio, and i was able to see my HUD. But thats it. Everything else was blacked out, and frozen. I can play the game normally everywhere else, but for whatever reason when i try to enter the Anvil, this always happens. I’ve tried joining other peoples games, saving in different areas, playing other missions, I’ve also tried verifying it through the epic games launcher, and i’ve re installed it multiple times. Nothing is working. So now because the story mission i have to complete needs me to go to the anvil, i am unable to progress any further. I’ve tried contacting gearbox every way i can but i have gotten no replies. PLEASE can somebody help me??? This is my favorite game franchise of all time, and i don’t want to think i just wasted $60.

We had a bug where Brick just followed us around & we couldn’t talk to him. We saved & reloaded and all was well.

As I see it you have several options:
Submit bug report to 2k & include save file (this should be obvious)*
Try completing other missions around the Jacobs Estate to hopefully get the Anvil mission unstuck.
Reset/change your video settings both, try both higher & lower

*And finally start a new play through (which you could do after submitting to 2k)
Good luck