Can't progress in Skywell-27

I can’t progress past “Defeat security” in Skywell-27.

I go to the marker and kill all the enemies and nothing. Is there a way to reload this objective? Or am I just stuck?

i too am having this issue, would be nice for a response. I killed a few floating security bots outside of the quest ring, and got a Loot ticket to turn in, after waiting about 30mins, decided to go do that, returned from sanctuary and enemies were back, killed them all. still no gate opening or quest dialogue. GAME OVER?

I did the same thing. My solution was to quit the game and close the game. When I restarted I killed the enemies.

The key is a certain badass enemy has to spawn for you to beat and Rhys opens the next door.

I had the same issue. Wandered the entire area. Nothing left to kill. About to reload game when an enemy dropped down from above, in front of my eyes. Killed it and mission progressed. I figured it was up there from an explosion, or something?