Can't que research ships

I also can’t build them simultaniously from the carrier and mothership. Unknown if this behavior is similar to the original game. Would be nice to have for HW1 races.

But please at least fix the queing issue. Everytime I click the button to build more than one research ship, it builds one, then removes the build que from the overall que.

This isn’t a bug or a developer oversight but it is definitely annoying. The game is structured so that each additional research ship (labelled Auxiliary Hub X) counts as a unique ship which is “unlocked” upon construction of the preceding segment hence why you cannot queue to build a ship that hasn’t appeared on your build manager yet.

This was probably one of the only ways for GBX to implement the same HW1 Classic research ship connection-mechanic in HW2’s engine without requiring an excessive amount of “under-the-hood” programming.

It would certainly be nice if it could be changed to allow a player to simply queue the construction of all 6 segments just like in Homeworld classic.


It definitely seems like a bug to me.

It’s bothered me a lot, but there are just so many more pressing issues that I never bothered reporting it.

It happens because the research ships are all different ships. When one finishes and another is in the queue it should be scheduling the next available one for production.

I don’t believe, though, that the API exposes a function that says HOW MANY of a type of ship are being constructed, just whether one is. So it can’t check to see that 3 are queued after one finishes, and that it should build 2 more of the next one, for example.
Not in Lua, that is. The API that’s exposed needs improvements in many areas.
I could be wrong in this example since I’m speaking off the top of my head, but yeah.

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I play Kushan a lot. It would be nice if we could queue our research ships. It’s just ANOTHER micro-management thing to worry about that pulls your attention away from commanding your fleet - or better yet, WATCHING your fleet do it’s pretty stuff, which is half the reason anyone plays the game.

You shouldn’t be queuing research ships, having more than one is a waste of money.

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I disagree. Here’s a thread discussing some of the time saved with Auxiliary hubs:

As an example, it isn’t too difficult for a player to obtain 2 extra hubs in early-game and the amount of time one saves adds up: 1.5 minutes for every 5 minutes of research time.

For 750 RUs and vital time that could be put into something that’s not going to die the second it’s fired upon? No thanks.

Try moving it away from the fight?

Additional research hubs are often necessary (and much more survivable) in team games to keep up with allied and enemy HW2 races’ tech progression. The differences between HW1 and HW2 destroyer/cruiser build order timings is huge.

The thing is, HW2 races currently get more income than they can spend. Their initial mining rate is quite fast that it’s easy to have more RU than you can spend.
So you have to spend it on research vessels so you can buy more tech faster to spend it, heh.

Yes they have 2 production queues, but the earlier units are generally around 50% slower to build, so it’s hard to spend fast enough still.

Will have to solve that eventually as it’s going to change with other things.

Are you sure you mean HW2?

For me I’m floating in RUs because everything builds so damn slow not because I can’t research fast enough.

Oh and with just 2 production lines I’m not going to waste time on more research ships after the initial build spurt.

I’ll probably settle on different amounts for different maps and tactics. Less research ships if I’m teching and building what I tech right away, more if I’m trying to specialize in more than one tech tree. I’m sure as builds are worked out we’ll start to recognize different openers by the number of research ships built.

Something needs to be done about the research ship crap, it makes no fing sense that my main ship gets destroyed and the other 2 that haven’t attached yet are destroyed too even when they are kilometers away from the attacked one.

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+1 @scole @bitvenom @joekgbx @jeffybug @Burly Could we see some work on this front?

I don’t think the unqueueability of research vessels is really a “critical issue”, but yeah it should at least be marked down to be fixed at some point.
It’s also something that a modder could fix if they were so inclined. I only briefly glanced at it myself, though.

Nope. I usually find it easier to spend down with HW2. You’re probably making an additional carrier or shipyard too late, which are things HW1 can’t do either.

Though, I’m not really sure that making carriers come out earlier for HW1 is the best solution to that.