Can't reach the highest flower

In the side quest “The Sum of Some Fears” I just cannot get on to the floating block between the shack roof and the block with the flower tree. I’ve tried jumping from the top of the chair on the shack roof and still seem to be just inches short of getting on that block. I’ve got 100% air control but apparently that won’t help you get more altitude. Ideas?

jump on the chair first.

Not sure what you mean. As I posted, I tried jumping from the top of the chair on the shack roof. Do you mean jump straight up first and then jump forward like I was on a trampoline?

There is away to do it, I’ve done it multiple times. But if you can’t find it just grenade jump.

Why didn’t anyone mention the double jump? I can’t figure out how the heck I got as far as I did in the game without it. Did I miss a tutorial early in the game or something? Now I feel like I played 90% of the game with mittens on.

Lol, I thought that was so obvious to basically the entire player base. When you get an Oz kit for the first time it tells you that you can boost while mid-air.



Count on me not to read instructions. I’ve been gaming since Doom II came out and I still haven’t learned. I should end all my posts with “I’m old and feeble-minded. Don’t take anything for granted.”

P.S. Perfect video clip.