Cant read Eridian tablets

So I am toward the end of the game and have gotten the item to read tablets after beating graveward from Eden 6. However, it won’t let me read a single tablet anywhere. Any help would be great.

I’m having the same issue!!! I don’t know if I received a specific item, but I’m past Graveward and still cannot read Eridian tablets!

It’s not after Graveward, it’s towards the end of the game. You’ll get it from Tannis, who is missing at the moment…

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Yea so I found out that it was after beating troy that you get the analyzer. So I beat him and I still can’t read them.

Did you try out on different tablets? They can be read only once but you can play them again from your ECHO. Got the problem when I read one during a conversation. When the talking was over, it didn’t play, so I automatically searched for it in the menu (as in BL 1 & 2).
In the mission menu you can switch to the tapes you find and the Eridian Story.
If that doesn’t work you’re having an issue which I can’t deal with…