Can't really figure out what play style I am

I am having a very difficult time playing with anyone other than Maya I have beat tvhm and uvhm and got up to op 5 b4 I decided to start new game I have tried with Craig struggled through tvhm and had no chance on uv mode I am OK with mechromancer I like Maya with cataclysm tree and some harmony tree you can lock them up and wale on them but wanna try with other characters and skills any advice?

If you just wanna be a tank try Salvador, When I want to mass mobbing and just listen to him screaming, Duel wielding so satisfying when you are just mowing everything down in your way. LoL Or if you wanna try a stealth option try starting up a Zero .
There the only characters ive realy had anything to do with . Ive got OP8 Sal / Maya and a level 62 Zero

If your unsure just check out youtube for BL builds and you will soon get a good idea on what they all can do

Wow thanks I think I will experiment a lil with sal that sounds like fun!!