Can't Redeem Borderlands 3

Anyone get this issue?

I’ve tried contacting 2K support but they take a seriously long time to respond and would appreciate any help.

As someone who used to live and buy games overseas, do you have VPN running or did you have one running when you bought the game?

Or did you buy from a seller outside your country, such as PlayAsia?

I bought it directly from the 2K store and yeah I have AVG Internet Security running if that counts?

I disabled my AVG and made sure the proxy part of the launcher was unticked and I still get the same message.

Any news for you yet?
I am encountering the same issue and had contacted 2K support, still waiting for their reply

I first submitted a request to, who then told me to contact They told me if it was a region issue I should contact EPIC support, but they then told me since I bought it directly off the 2K store, I need to contact

Attempted to contact them on Twitter too, but they told me to submit a request, which I did 3 days ago, and have been redirected to so many different types of support I have no idea whats going on anymore.

They are now telling me I have to contact again.

At this point I’ll probably just refund it because 2K support hasn’t been of much help and using Epic Launcher has been a huge hassle.

Good luck to you though hopefully they can find a solution for you and you don’t have to go through the same thing I did. Really was looking forward to playing this game and supporting a new platform but oh well.

That’s a shame, I hope they will be able to resolve it for you soon. I just got a reply back from support asking for more information like order id, retailer information etc for them to investigate more, seems like it might take some time too.

What I do find funny is that they need me to tell them information of retailer when I had given the order id already, and since is purchased from 2K store website directly, I would have expected them to at least have a way to manage and track their internal retailers from the id itself.

Anyways, yep was looking forward to playing the game over the weekend, now guess i’ll just have to find something else to play.

Yeah still haven’t been able to play even though I pre-ordered a Super Deluxe edition. Steam release will probably do much better just because its easy to buy and play games on it