Cant redeem vip code

i cant enter vip codes. i can enter shift codes, already made 3 weapon rolls. but no option to enter vip codes. neather i can invite friends. im in the vip program, bought game on steam and have steam conected. tried it with vivaldi, edge, opera and firefox. i turned off addblock.

any ideas?

Hey @gizmobb depending on the type of Code you have you should be able to redeem it using one of the options on after logging into your Account!

no, im locked in. and just the blue shift code button shows up

That’s definitely odd looking. I checked on mine to see if there was a difference and this is what I see when I scroll down on that page:

Have you already reached out to 2K Support? I believe one of the Support Agents should be able to help you with some Troubleshooting options and, if necessary, make sure the Teams in charge of the VIP Site are aware of this potential issue.

where can i find the option to contact suport?

If you click the link in my previous reply (embedded in the 2K Support text) it should take you directly to their submission page! Alternatively if that is giving you any troubles you can copy+paste this link into your browser:

thx, my bad

No problem! Hope this gets figured out for you ASAP!

found the solution: had to turn on 3. party cookies