Cant restore health

I am level 17 and when i try to fill my health back up the game tells me it’s full but its on 86. I don’t have a shield which reduces your health also. Can anyone help?

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Which character are you playing as? What skills are you specced into?

i am maze, turned out that it was a class mod that i didn’t notice.

Okey-doke. I was thinking that you might be playing as Moze, and the cause might be due to her “Thin Red Line” skill or a class mod of hers.

I am having the same problem. I am just Verifying my game, just to see if that fixes it.

If not I will uninstall and reinstall it. Just to make sure. I’ll update it when it’s done.

EDIT: Verifying did not work…

Who are you playing as? What skills and gear are you using?

I am Fl4k. The skills I have don’t effect it. The gear I am using are mostly purples and one legendary class mod. That dose not effect health. None of my gear effects it…

So I am kinda stuck.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Fl4k doesn’t have any skills that reduce your Max Health. I think only Moze has a skill that can do that.

Could you please be more specific with your gear? What Shield, Relic, and Class Mod are you using?

I think it is about this artifact, or something similar that gives such an effect.

Maybe. There’s also a Hyperion shield called the Front Loader. It reserves 60% of your Max Health and gives you that much Max Shield Capacity.

I have the same problem but my char is Zane.

Almost certainly something you have equipped - a shield, relic, class mod - that is dropping your health down. Check the items cards carefully, especially if you’re using one of the items mentioned above.