Cant Rocket Jump in Borderlands 2

For some reason my badabooms refuse to shoot at the same time, it either fires the left one or the right one, only after smashing the mouse will they start shooting together but at different intervals, this frustrates me beyond belief because I cant rocket Jump since I only have 1 rocket shot propelling me. I’m hoping there’s some explanation for this, maybe it’s because I’m playing on a Mac? Please help.

do u have 2 different badaboom? different firerate can cause this , also if u wear chaotic com , fr only apply to right badaboom but not left so u can never shoot at same time after the first shot

I do have different ones but the problem isn’t just fire rate, it just does not shoot, imagine a gun being jammed, I click both left and right mouse at the same time and only 1 starts to fire.

idk , maybe ur pc not registering both button at the same time .

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