Can't roll chain gang modifier

Is this modifier gone? I’ve re-rolled over a hundred times and I haven’t seen it yet.

They disabled it for the current Loot monster event. Apparently the “chain” effect was causing little guys like Hoarder TInks to drop a non-stop flood of legendaries, so they disabled it.

Of course, they couldn’t be bothered to announce this on their own official forums (here), but they did post it to Twitter:
“We have temporarily disabled the “Chain Gang” Mayhem Modifier for the duration of the Loot Monster Mayhem mini-event.”


This is endlessly puzzling to me. Why bother having these forums, owned by your own company and for the purposes of furthering interest in your games, if you’re not even going to post news announcements to the site?

Sorry, my comment has nothing to do with the OP’s topic. I just have a lot of trouble understanding why GBX doesn’t post news about their own game directly to their own forums.


I agree 100% on this! Seems twitter is first for any announcement. Cant say the last time i even logged onto twitter. But its ok, speak your mind or as your signature says"dont hold back" :grin:.

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To me, this is not just a thing Fl4k says to encourage their pets - this has always been one of my general guidelines in life! :rofl:

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Sometimes you just cant. Especially these days. Oh i meant to tell you before im a blue blood. Im from NC, go heels!

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Yeah, they can’t seem to put any important news in the news section of the forums. Which can also be accessed from in-game LoL.

Sad thing is pretty much all devs do this no matter the game.
Bungie only used their forums to disparage players and show their disdain for them. Any real news was always put on Twitter and Reddit.

EA also does this.

Nice! Go Heels! LOL

Really annoyed at this exclusion, albeit temporary (…please remember to re-enable it next week Gearbox!..), esp considering drone ranger & buddy system cannae roll together (unless that was changed? Would be happy if that was the case!)