Can't see abilities of each hero on hero select screen

I joined a noob versus match and I have a lot of heroes to choose from but I can’t mouse over them and see what they do.

How could such an oversight occur :frowning:

You can view the helix’s and abilities of each battleborn in the Command menu and go to The Dojo to test them out for yourself.

I think it used to show, but they changed UI in the WU, (Winter Update) to make it a LOT less clutered.
Though that might be a problem…

Why can’t I just mouse over the hero and click an “info” button or something…

Nevermind, pressing “I” shows info. Such information should be made more apparent. >.>

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Like pressing ‘R’ before selection begins, so as to let your teammates know who you intend to pick. Nothing in the game manual about that. :wink: