Can't See Me Challenge in R&D

I am having trouble figuring out which camera I am missing. I follow the loot map guide to locate the cameras. I’ve found the one of the markings near Lab 19 does not seem to have an associated camera. It could be that I am knocking it over killing the stalkers in the room as I enter it. Anyone else having an issue with this? I am on Xbox if it matters.

It doesn’t matter how cameras get destroyed. Via direct shot from you or from collateral damage during battle.Unfortunately that makes track keeping bit more challenging.

Just to make sure, made extra careful camera run at R&D and strike me down… there’s actually 32 cameras needed for this challenge.

Will update loot maps later but here’s map for two missing ones:

One of the cameras is in a hidden room/section of that map. If you haven’t found this area, you haven’t found the camera. I’m not sure if it’s shown on CountKarloff’s map or not, as I forget where it is int he room, but it’s probably the lower camera circled in purple. If you’re okay with us just telling you where the room is, just ask (I don’t want to spoil it if you otherwise want to find it on your own).

I did know about the secret room, I had the leap of faith challenge already finished up. Thanks for the map update with the highlighted cameras! I believe that will solve the problem!

Hope you’ll get this challenge. It’s a bit annoying, since those cameras are so feeble that applying tiniest amount of combustion usually drops all of them in vicinity. And additionally xbox (consoles?) clears misc models so fast that usually after fight they are already gone.

Thanks for the help! The camera out in the middle of the aquatic area was the culprit. Your updated map made it easy. Thanks again!