Can't see rewards or any purchasble item on the Borderlands VIP website

I can’t purchase anything from the Borderlands VIP website what can I do?

Turn off adblock.

I don’t have adblock

Then use different browser.

jeez I’m dumb

Not really. Google has been steadily working on building more features into Chrome that block suspect behaviour by default, and have publicly stated on a couple of occasions that this will likely break some commercial web sites.

I don’t know what process or algorithm they use under the hood, but all recent Chrome versions seem to not like the VIP site as it shares too many characteristics with ones Google deems ‘suspect’.

I suspect part of this is a bit of social engineerng on Google’s part: they know they have the biggest slice of the browser share pie. They also know that the majority of users won’t be aware that it’s changes in the browser that suddenly cause sites to ‘break’, so users will tend to blame the web site which (Google probably hopes) will cause legitimate sites to change the way they do certain things.

The tl;dr is that although Google has announced changes to the way Chrome interacts with sites, for most folks that remains a ‘stealth’ change, especially since Chrome updates silently in the background. I wouldn’t expect a lot of people to know about it.

I reinstalled the site cookies and it works wonder what happened