Can't seem to get past Killavolt. Using Moze. Fairly new player

Hey, so I hadn’t picked up the BL franchise in ages until 3 came out. Loving Moze for the most part, but I can’t grind down Killavolt and I don’t want to rage-quit. I just turned level 16. I watched a few videos and read some guides, but before wasting another hour or so I thought I’d check back here for any input. I’m definitely going to switch up to all splash weapons and not try to save grenades; also just trying to figure out best time to pop into the bear suit. Any ideas? Thanks so much.

EDIT yes I fatfingered and typed Moxie instead of Moze. I need more coffee…


Let’s start with the basics, which vault hunter are you using?

This is not the case, it’s perfectly possible to kill any boss below their level.


Per title, using Moze.

Erm, I’m on level for the boss.

Try doing a matchmaking proving grounds or slaughter to level up a bit and they usually drop good weapons. The best time for iron bear is when your shield is broke and you need a breather. Once you break his shield pop iron bear and light him up. He’s mostly an endurance boss and low level moze is hard because no health regen


He said Moxie, which obviously means Zane.

On a serious note , Killavolt has already been nerf.

I suggest more survivality and maybe shield with shock resist. And avoid floor areas that are about to be shocked .

Use iron bear Only when you are near death. Spam rockets on him.


While it’s true, it make it much harder, and since the guy seem ill at ease with the boss, he might save himself the trouble and avoid adding difficulty to the fight by playing it underleveld and undergeared

One thing that worked when I fought him was auto bear. Put it out and circle behind him so whoever he faces one can shoot him in the back


When you jump into the arena, he’ll light up the floor, which you can time it and jump over it. After that just circle strafe him and shoot his critical spots (top of the two antennas and his crouch). He has a gun attack which is short range and the projectiles are slow enough to sidestep. Occasionally, parts of the floor will light up and you’ll need to avoid them. Jump if you have to. Then there’s the charge attack, which isn’t a problem since you’re moving around. In short, just keep moving and jumping while shooting his antennas.


Also, respec to the Shield of Retribution tree and try this build to start:
Spec into the Minigun and V-35 Grenade Launcher since he’s immune to shock. Follow the advice of the folks above and he should be downed in a few…

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Thanks, yeah, I had been trying using the Bear Paw but will switch back to grenade launcher. Not high enough level/enough points for Auto Bear yet I think.

Look for some radiation gear as well. The splash damage wears him down.

He levels to about 20 or so with you, so anyone saying level up is missing that part (I really don’t understand boss scaling in this game, except that most bosses seem to slide around 4 or 5 levels so that they’re one or two above you until you hit their cap).

Nuclear is the way to melt his shield. He resists shock damage. I don’t know if you’ve found any nuclear stuff yet. But it’ll help. Fire stuff when the shield is down helps too.

You’re gonna need to choose between leaving some cov to kill for a second wind, or removing them so they don’t hurt you.

Trying to shoot him from the front is gonna prove difficult. So try to get behind him and lay into him with whatever you’ve got.

Unless you’ve done something incredibly wrong, any build at this point should manage, so don’t go re-speccing just because someone else says there’s a more “optimal” build. You chose your skills because you liked them, and you wanna be able to learn how to get the most out of them as you level up. You can do this.

What skills have you picked, and what weapons do you have on you?


I was honestly disappointed when I read this. I was already loading the game thinking maybe… Just maybeeee… :cry:

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He’s been nerfed significantly. I use Amara and never had an issue before the nerf but I was shotgunning, punching, & jumping a lot. Apparently, that was the secret.

Feel free to jump on the ammo crates to help avoid the shocks.

Do melee him and get a good shotgun to help with knocking him back.

Do shoot him in the crotch, it’s a critical zone.

Keep moving.

Seriously, nut shots.

Everyone has already said, use rad.

I’d save the bear for when you are nearing going down.

Keep moving, and jumping.


Thanks. Need to log on later today and check my build (PS it would be WONDERFUL if we could see our current toons and buildouts on the Gearbox site, just saying). I DO know that I have a nuclear rocket launcher.

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Thanks, hadn’t thought of jumping on the crates…

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I’m brainfarting on the skill but Moze has potential for 54% shock resist as well. That with a decent shock shield sure helps.

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I’ll dig through my inventory…I just hate having to bork a build just to get past a specific boss but it is what it is…

That skill is a top one anyways. You will use it.