Can't Seem to Jump Across Bridge in Heroes Pass

For some reason I can not make it jumping across the blown bridge in Heroes Pass. I have cut my bankroll in half trying. This is not my first play-through but for some reason I can’t make this jump. Suggestions?

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Wowl, that sounds really strange! :open_mouth: The only idea that I can think of is if you have increased your framerate. I believe shorter jumps is an issue because of this in Dark Souls. Going from 30 fps to 60 fps apparently results in shorter jumps. I dunno if this is true, but it’s the only thing I can think of.

To get around this, you can always try grenade jumping for some extra boost.

are you using any items which can decrease your walking speed? like fabled tortoise, the bane, or hoplite?

tbh I don’t know anything else which may caused your issue.

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I always sell the Bane immediately. I seem to be running OK. Just can’t clear that jump this time through for some reason.

Sort of, only a bit different. Jumps in Lordran are convoluted.

It’s all I can think of as well provided you double-checked for unique Pangolin shields: maybe a framerate change, a new GPU driver mucking things up or some other change to your settings?

Just to rule this out, you’re sprinting off the end when you jump, no? Are you coming close but just missing the edge, or are you plopping right into the middle of the gap?

This is very puzzling. First mention of this here, that I recall.

And this game has been out a while…hmm.

/strokes beard.

/admires problem.

Nope. I got nothing. Sorry.

Then try to Rocket Jump it if regular jumps doesn’t work.

Or put points into a movement speed increase skill.

What character are you playing? Krieg had some movement differences, but I thought they had been removed. I’ve certainly never had this problem, and I’ve played a lot.

I mean, a whole lot.

It was “The Fabled Tortoise” shield for me. It reduced the movement speed. Check all your item i suggest.

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5 years is 25 in gaming years.

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