Can't seem to leave the Leviathan's Lair!

I bet this sounds ridiculous, but I just finished my first playthrough of the first DLC, and enjoyed it much (great maps and levels, super vibe!). I ran into some sort of bug after climbing the treasure room pyramid: I got stuck on a rock near a tunnel leading me back to the exit, and just couldn’t move, could only save and exit. Now I restart inside the Leviathan’s gullet (as if he had not already died) and the mission seems to repeat itself, but I am not on the minimap and there is no exit; I cannot seem to find a way to leave the map. Am I missing something obvious?

(EDIT: I did a bit of searching, and I see that people had posted (elsewhere) only about attempting to reaccess the Leviathan for “farming”. I just want to make it clear that I’m not interested in that at all; I killed the Leviathan, got the loot at the top of the pyramid, and just want to leave now. I got stuck the first time trying to leave, and now I can’t see an exit!)

Ok third try managed it - sorry - the section of the tunnel on which I became immobilized the first times I managed to jump over - odd that no one else seems to have encountered this hang up

If you kill yourself you will be able to leave once you respawn, always an option.