Can't sell emotes or echo skins?

So, I’m having a slight issue in that vending machines won’t buy the make it rain emote or echo skins. It only starts to become an issue when at the end of say, farming Freddie, I have a bunch of them clogging up the loot box. When I sign out, the box scoops them up again. I’ve had the same seven or so emotes (which I already know), clogging up the machine.

This seems like a small thing but, could we maybe get these changed so the machines will buy them the way they do player skins please? Same for echo skins.


While a bit annoying, there are two workarounds:

  • If you pick up and then drop an item, it will be marked as discarded and not end up in the lost loot machine
  • You can mark cosmetics as ‘junk’ in your inventory, which then allows you to sell them. Spend the proceeds wisely…
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Sell for a whole dollar, lol. Ive gotten into the habit of picking up my repeats and immediatly dropping them in the battlefield. Seems the loot machine has those as a higher priority. Dropping them sooner ensures i dont miss something actually wanted.

Ah, didn’t know about dropping them bypassing the machine.

I don’t do the sell junk thing because every time I use X to sell all junk it then bugs the machine. From then on whenever I sell one item normally, the list snaps to the top. So say I have ten things to sell…I…have…to…scroll…down…each…&*#(!@)%&…time

No, sell all via X is broken atm.

I did end up using X though, and just closing the game to reset the X bug. I ended up SELLING A DOZEN OF THESE lol…c’mon GB FFS.

On XB1 it’s Y to sell all; I’ve not had an issue with it that I can remember, and I use it a lot. X is compare.

PC bro, X is just the default key for us :wink:

Doesn’t ‘X’ stand for ‘Any’ on PC? I know those have had an Any key since MS-DOS days… :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re thinking of the space bar chummer :slight_smile: It’s the flat wide one at the bottom of the button board :smiley: