Can't set Zane group mode to "Cooperation"

I have this set on all 3 of my other VH and it works as expected. However, ever since starting this Zane character it will not allow me to set the group mode to Cooperation. It defaults to Coopetition and I keep changing it but the LLM never works and when I go back into the main menu it’s always back to Coopetition.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a Zane specific bug or just a random bug with the game? Anyone know how to force the game to accept my damn settings? o.O

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changing it only works in the main menu, it will not change mode in game.

Actually, I think I just figured out what is happening. In the past I would notice LLM wasn’t working and when I logged out to the main menu I would set it…then quit the game. Just now I logged out to the main menu and set it but immediately logged back into the game and it’s working. I guess the setting isn’t saved if you change it and quit before going into the game again…which is weird but it’s working now at least.

Yeah, I was changing it at the main menu.

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Yes, you need to hit continue. The same is if you load another character.